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From drew <d...@baseanswers.com>
Subject [Aoo] Privacy Policy Draft was( Re: Assistance with rewriting TOU/PP for Apache OpenOffice.org podling)
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2011 16:14:44 GMT
Howdy List,

Ok, well the TOU has been available for review for a while [1], no
TD. One small issue, still missing wording for a Privacy Policy.

If you look at the draft TOU it references a currently non-existent PP
page as : http://incubator.apache.org/openoffice.org/privacy.html

I've appropriated the text from another ASF project, made a few minor
edits and placed a draft for same at:


This assumes that for now there will be no third party analytics.

Thanks for you time,



On Sun, 2011-08-14 at 05:30 -0400, drew wrote:
> Hello,
> OpenOffice.org is coming to the ASF, as part of this transfer a number
> of websites will need to be re-branded and re-hosted. Part of this
> process will be to re-write the Terms of Use and Privacy polices for
> these sites.
> Some of the current OpenOffice.org websites are hosted by third parties,
> for example Oregon State University, and will not be re-hosting but will
> need still to be re-branded.
> The TOU used at the main openoffice.org website is found at 
> http://openoffice.org/terms_of_use
> The current website http://www.OpenOffice.org supports individual user
> accounts, support for individual user accounts at this URL is not
> planned to continue after transfer to ASF hosted servers.
> This same TOU is currently used by the User support websites found at, 
> http://user.services.openoffice.org and will continue to support
> individual, site specific, user accounts after transfer to ASF servers.
> The website found at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki currently
> supports individual, site specific, user accounts and MAY continue to do
> so after transfer to ASF servers. Currently the site does NOT use the
> TOU policy found at the main site, it is proposed to do so after the
> transfer.
> The website found at http://extensions.services.openoffice.org and
> http://templates.services.openoffice.org is currently hosted by Oregon
> State University Open Source Labs for the OpenOffice.org project. This
> site supports individual, site specific, user accounts. This will
> continue after the transfer. This site does NOT currently use the TOU
> policy from the main website, it is proposed to do so after the
> transfer.
> The Wiki, User Support and Extension/Template websites currently support
> user content submissions under various licenses and will continue, I
> think, to do so after the transfer.
> The TOU policy at the main website references Privacy Policy and this
> will also need to be rewritten for the transfer. 
> This is not an exhaustive list of websites that are currently part of
> the OpenOffice.org infrastructure, or even those that will transfer to
> ASF, you can find that at:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/OOo-Sitemap
> So - long enough introduction I think. 
> Have created a page on the Apache OpenOffice.org AOO community wiki for
> editng the TOU text - current contents is my first pass on edits against
> the TOU page reference above. That page is at:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/website-terms-of-use-draft
> Have not created a page for the Privacy Policy draft yet, will do so and
> post back to the ML with the address. 
> Looking for help on this from the legal side, questions from folks I
> guess, too start..please.
> Thans very much and looking forward to meeting you all,
> Drew Jensen
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