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From Ralph Goers <ralph.go...@dslextreme.com>
Subject Re: IP Clearance
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2011 23:50:49 GMT

On Jul 28, 2011, at 4:19 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
> Please pause.  Take a breath.  Carefully read what I have pointed to
> and am about to say before responding.
> Is it legal for us to take the code that was forked and developed for
> a while under a compatible license (and now is being further developed
> under an incompatible license)?  Abso-f'ing-lutely!!! (presuming we
> are talking about the code prior to the incompatible license change).
> What I see here is that we have a sh***y situation that people are
> proposing to make worse by proposing procedural workarounds.  My
> initial reaction: that's ill advised.  But that's not my call.
> What I am saying is that if the Maven PMC wants to go down that path,
> they had better be prepared to dot their I's and cross their T's.
> Document the h**l out of what they are doing so that none of the
> downstream consumers can question the provenance of the code.  Be
> prepared to answer hard questions.  I'll certainly be asking a number
> of them.
> Matters of law are non-negotiable.  Matters of policy are.  However
> you had better have a solid reason and a d**n good plan before you
> challenge an established policy like everything here is a voluntary
> contribution.  Search the archives.  For example, look at earlier
> versions of the Apache License.  It is a part of our DNA and who we
> are at this point.  It is not something we are going to change
> lightly.
> I strongly encourage the Maven PMC to engage in a dialog with Sonatype
> and/or use Aether as it is intended.  If Sonatype says H**L NO and the
> PMC collectively decides that it has the resources to bring up to date
> and establish a clean codebase that meets their current needs, then
> please present THAT plan, and don't focus on absurd hypothetical
> situations.

I realize your response was to Ceki, but if I understand correctly, the "absurd hypothetical
situation" you are referring to is for the Maven PMC to take the last appropriately licensed
version and fork it rather than starting completely from scratch - assuming that the PMC determines
they cannot live with the EPL version and Sonatype will not provide a grant? 

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