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From John Cowan <co...@mercury.ccil.org>
Subject Re: IP Clearance
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 03:17:24 GMT
Lawrence Rosen scripsit:

> Let's please avoid naming or nicknaming individuals here. That's not
> helpful.

I meant no offense.  But I applied the epithet sincerely.

> What the Apache project wants now is clarity that it can take a
> version of this software previously licensed to the world under the
> Apache License, and re-import it into the Apache project. I cannot
> comment on the usefulness of that effort, merely its (1) legality and
> (2) compatibility with the Apache Way.
> As to legality, we all rely on the fact that open source licenses
> are perpetual. Once you release your software under an open source
> license, *that software* is free -- in our definition of the word
> "free". That's the legal intent of our licenses. There is no crossing
> your fingers behind your back and pretending you didn't mean it.

I'm sure we all hope so.  But we won't really know until someone
gives proper notice that a license is revoked and tries to sue for
infringement.  If I got such a notice and wasn't using the software, I
certainly wouldn't start.  If I were already distributing it or modified
versions, I might be able to argue promissory estoppel, but it would be

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