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From "Smiley, David W." <dsmi...@mitre.org>
Subject Building ASL code requiring LGPL 3rd party
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 17:36:51 GMT

I've been involved with Lucene & Solr for some time.  I'm working on enhancing its support
for geospatial search. I have java code in a patch in JIRA SOLR-2155 but I'm seeking that
it get committed.  The patch uses the LGPL licensed Java Topology Suite (JTS) library for
part of its functionality.  That part is segmented in the code such that if JTS is not included
with Lucene/Solr at runtime then Lucene/Solr will still work, and even the rest of my patch
that doesn't use it.  I modified Lucene/Solr's ant based build script to automatically downloads
the JTS jar so that Lucene/Solr with my patch will compile and tests will run.  This is triggered
by default in the build  -- i.e. JTS becomes required to build & test Lucene/Solr.  The
patch *does not* cause JTS to be included in any packaged deliverable of Lucene/Solr.

Will the inclusion of my patch as I described in Lucene/Solr violate the terms of applicable
licensed software, namely Apache & LGPL?  This is the key question I wish to get adjudicated
by authorities at the ASF.  I've read these sources already, carefully:

These references are not 100% clear on this matter, but in my opinion I get the sense that
my approach is satisfactory.  But IANAL (I'm sure that comes up often on this list!), and
uncertainly amongst at least two others on the Lucene/Solr list remains.  I wish to get this


~ David Smiley
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