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From "Jennifer O'Neill" <jennifer...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: code contribution licensing question
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 06:22:08 GMT
The purpose of having all committers sign the ICLA is so that all "Apache"
code is licensed uniformly and ASF is better protected if there's a
challenge to the ownership of the IP.
If a developer wishes to contribute some material amount of code but can't
sign the ICLA, then his/her code contribution is evaluated just like any
other third-party code licensed under terms other than the ASL v.2.0.  I
assume that by the modified BSD, you mean the newer version that excludes
the advertising clause.  This license is compatible with the ASL v.2.0 and
there are certainly a number of Apache projects with dependencies on
BSD-licensed code.  Ultimately, though, it is up to the VCL project
committers whether to use any third-party code.

If a developer wants to contribute a patch or bug fix through Bugzilla or
the developers' mailing list, both of those forums require that the
developer first electronically agree that ASL v.2.0 will apply to the


On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:47 AM, Josh Thompson <josh_thompson@ncsu.edu>wrote:

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> On Tuesday January 11, 2011, Noah Baker wrote:
> > Hello, my question is for any licensing experts on the list.
> >
> > I would like to contribute code/fixes to the VCL project, but my employer
> > prevents me from signing the ICLA. The only FOSS license I can release
> code
> > under is the modified/new BSD license. I am wondering if there is any way
> > for me to contribute code to VCL under this restriction.
> >
> > I have noticed that VCL's web front end code contains a distribution of
> > Dojo, which is BSD (or AFL) licensed, and there are several other
> > components with different licensing requirements in, or otherwise
> required
> > by, the project.
> >
> > The code I would most like to contribute is highly self-contained (a
> > full-featured KVM provisioning module with power_* functions, uses OS
> > functions, etc).  Could it be released separately under a BSD license and
> > somehow included or merged into VCL?
> >
> > What about for other, less self-contained code, such as fixes?
> >
> > Thanks, and please forgive my licensing ignorance; I'm a dev, not a
> lawyer.
> >
> > Noah Baker
> Can anyone from the legal list answer these questions?
> Thanks,
> Josh Thompson
> Apache VCL
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