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From Oleg Tikhonov <olegtikho...@gmail.com>
Subject a wild stab in the dark
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 14:28:49 GMT
Dear Sir/Madam ;-)

I'm getting stuck with a license problem. To cut a long story short, please
read a mail below

"Hello Oleg,
I read the Wikipedia article about LGPL one more time and I think, that
I can simple release 7-Zip-JBinding on what ever license I like.

The point is, LGPL requires you to license your code with LGPL, if you
modify or extend LGPL code. But if you use it as a solid library, you
are free to use every license you want.

Applied to 7-Zip-JBinding: I have two parts:
- Native part
- Java part

Native part contains 7-Zip and my source code, so the native library (DLL or
must be licensed under LGPL. But the Java part simply uses the native
This means, I can license the Java part under Apache license. The whole
will be licensed under Apache license though.
What do you think about this?

Boris "

In our project we want to use that library, is it OK by the mentioned
conditions above?
Or what I gonna do?


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