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From Gurkan Erdogdu <gurkanerdo...@yahoo.com>
Subject Legal Question & Using Apache Java EE Projects
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 14:05:55 GMT
Hello folks;

I would like to ask some questions about usage of ASF Java EE related  projects. 
Any help is appreciated!

Our company has been developing open source project called SIwpas,  Simple Web 
Profile Application Server (http://code.google.com/p/siwpas/)  using ASF Java EE 
Projects including Apache Tomcat, Apache OpenEJB,  OpenJPA, OpenWebBeans etc. If 
necessary we update those projects with  our patches and re-built. We give all 
attributions to the respected  projects in a NOTICE file and we include all 
necessary licenses in a  LICENSE file.

Currently we do not announce SIWpas as "Java EE Web Profile Compatible,  i.e 
pass TCK of Java EE Web Profile Specification".  We just bundle ASF  Java EE 
projects into the updated Tomcat 7 project. We know that if we  want to be get 
certified, we will have to be licensee of Oracle/Sun.

My question is that is there any legal problem that may occur in the  future? Or 
any more action that we have to do?

In a future, we think to bring SIwpas to ASF :)

Thanks for helping;

Gurkan Erdogdu
PMC Chair, OpenWebBeans 

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