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From Craig L Russell <craig.russ...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: License changes for Zeta (incubating)
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2010 03:53:11 GMT
I'll confirm that there is a software grant on file from ez-systems.no  
covering the software that's downloadable from svn.ez.no/svn/ 

So moving the copyright notice from each file and putting it into the  
repository in the appropriate place (NOTICE or LICENSE) can be done  
now. The zeta dev list can discuss the details of how and when to do  


On Jul 28, 2010, at 2:32 PM, Tobias Schlitt wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Sam,
> On 07/28/2010 11:16 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> On 07/28/2010 04:26 PM, Tobias Schlitt wrote:
>>> On 07/28/2010 10:04 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
>>>> On 07/28/2010 03:52 PM, Tobias Schlitt wrote:
>>>>> We would like having eZ attributed as the original creator of  
>>>>> the code.
>>>>> However, I don't think it's necessary to have them listed in each
>>>>> source
>>>>> file. Is this a decision eZ must take or can we as project  
>>>>> decide on
>>>>> how
>>>>> we handle copyright notices.
>>>> I would strongly discourage anybody from removing copyright  
>>>> notices that
>>>> were intentionally placed there by somebody else.  If eZ is  
>>>> amenable to
>>>> having their attribution moved to the NOTICE file, it would be much
>>>> preferred if somebody from eZ actually made the changes.
>>>> From what you describe above, I don't gather that that will be a
>>>> problem.
>>> OK, so I will only commit the license changes for now and will get  
>>> in
>>> touch with people from eZ regarding the copyright changes.
>>> How do we generally deal with new commits to imported files, if the
>>> copyright notice is not to be removed? These will not be  
>>> copyrighted by
>>> eZ Systems anymore. Do we limit the copyright somehow, e.g. by
>>>    @copyright 2005 - July 2010 eZ Systems AS
>>> or how is the general procedure here?
>> Inserting the word "portions" prior to that statement would be  
>> acceptable.
>> Ideally, this will be resolved by the relocation of these notices  
>> sooner
>> rather than later.
>> Note: this is not a legal issue, but rather a social/community  
>> issue. It
>> is not illegal for the ASF to distribute code with these copyright  
>> notices.
>> I believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the  
>> ZetaComponents
>> PPMC to demonstrate that is capable of self-governance.
> OK, thanks. I was of the oppinion that this would be a legal issue, in
> terms of copyright issues.
> I'll take care of starting a PPMC discussion here.
> Cheers,
> Toby
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