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From Jeremy Thomerson <jthomer...@users.sourceforge.net>
Subject Is the ASF legal team available to talk to lawyers from a potential contributor?
Date Sun, 18 Apr 2010 04:50:25 GMT
Hello legal team,

  I was on-site this week with a large company that is using Wicket,
consulting for them to assist with their adoption of the project.  They have
quite a few very talented developers who are enthusiastic about using Wicket
(as well as other Apache products) and would like to be able to contribute

  The problem is that their company has historically had a very stringent
set of rules pertaining to their intellectual property and any work that
they created.  Now, they are starting to get more support for *using open
source projects (especially ASL-licensed projects), and they would like to
take it further by contributing.  To do this, their lawyers will need some
questions answered to satisfy their concerns.*
  So, the question I have is this:  Is there an avenue for having the ASF
lawyers talk to their lawyers, or provide some consulting to assist them
with their open source policies?  Because of a very exacting NDA, I can not
even give their name or contact information, but I can pass ASF contact
information on to them.  Where should I point them to get assistance?  They
have several thousand developers and could potentially provide nice support
for various projects within the ASF ecosystem.

Best regards,

Jeremy Thomerson
Apache Wicket PMC Member

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