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From Karl Wright <kwri...@metacarta.com>
Subject Re: Apache NTLM implementations
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 22:24:48 GMT
Karl Wright wrote:
> Hi all,
> I work with the Lucene Connector Framework project.  Reviewers here want 
> to know if there's any controlling legal ASF document that describes the 
> policy of Apache vis-a-vis native Apache-licensed NTLM implementations.  
> Does anyone know of such a document?
> Thanks,
> Karl Wright

For clarification -

As part of the software grant from MetaCarta, Inc. to ASF, as the foundation of Lucene Connector

Framework, a full and copyright-unencumbered client-side implementation of NTLM as a patch
Apache HttpClient was also granted.  This functionality is essential for the functioning of
following connectors:

- LiveLink
- SharePoint
- RSS (where Windows proxies are involved)
- Web (where NTLM-protected content is involved)
- Meridio

As part of the initial phase of development, I submitted this implementation to the HttpClient

project, and received advice that it could not be accepted because of Apache policy pertaining
potential issues of IP infringement.  Given that it is my understanding that it is currently
possible to patent a protocol, but only a specific implementation of a protocol, I wanted
to confirm 
that this was indeed the case, and read up on the Apache policies involved.

Thanks again,
Karl Wright

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