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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: Briefing with Sun Microsystems Inc RE: Identifying IT Issues
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2010 09:35:02 GMT
Maybe forward it to Oracle now that the EU is letting the acquisition go forward.  They might
might need clear visibility into their IT applications, infrastructure, business processes
and end users.

Can't say enough good things about being able to quickly pinpoint problems accurately and


On Jan 27, 2010, at 4:27 AM, Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:

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> Hi Deepak
> This has turned up on the legal discuss mailing list over at the Apache
> Software Foundation. Perhaps you intended this email for some other
> organisation.
> Note that this is a public list and widely archived. Apache cannot
> prevent public dissemination of content posted here.
> Robert
> Deepak Sharma wrote:
>> Dear Craig, 
>> I'm looking to speak with the person at Sun Microsystems Inc responsible for managing
your company's IT applications (e.g., VP of Application Architecture or Infrastructure, VP
of IT Operations, Production Assurance, or Performance Assurance). If it's not you, a referral
would be appreciated. 
>> Obviously, companies heavily rely on their IT systems to run the business. When computer
outages or slowdowns occur it can cost millions in lost revenue, employee productivity, brand
loyalty and customer retention. The last time your system was down how long did it take to
resolve the issue? Was it ever really resolved? It's likely your IT department spent days
going through a manual-intensive process and through every piece of code, trying to figure
out what the problem was. 
>> Correlsense has a solution called SharePath that gives clear visibility into your
IT applications, infrastructure, business processes and end users to quickly pinpoint problems
accurately and completely. When an issue occurs that affects the business, 80% of time spent
on a resolution is used just to figure out WHERE the problem resides - then there is fixing
the problem. 
>> According to an Aberdeen Group study, companies with capabilities that SharePath
provides typically see the following ROI: 
>> - 83% - average success rate in preventing issues with application performance before
end-users are impacted 
>> - 114% - average improvements in application response times 
>> - 106% - average improvement in application availability 
>> I'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss our services with you or be referred to
the person responsible for the performance of your mission critical applications. Please kindly
>> Best regards, 
>> Deepak Sharma
>> Business Development 
>> Correlsense Inc 
>> IT Reliability[tm] through Business Transaction Management 
>> ------------------------------------------------------------ 
>> Email: deepak.sharma@correlsense.com 
>> Office: +1-212-796-5609
>> www.correlsense.com
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