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From Scott Gray <lekt...@gmail.com>
Subject Guidance on EPL source please
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 21:39:38 GMT
Hi there,

Over in the Apache OFBiz project we're having some trouble coming to
an agreement about whether or not it is okay to include some
javascript and jsp files that are part of Eclipse BIRT distribution
(EPL license) which is being integrated into OFBiz.

Quoting from the Third-Party Licensing Policy
"For small amounts of source that is directly consumed by the ASF
product at runtime in source form, and for which that source is
unlikely to be changed anyway (say, by virtue of being specified by a
standard), this action is sufficient. An example of this is the
web-facesconfig_1_0.dtd, whose inclusion is mandated by the JSR 127:
JavaServer Faces specification.

Code that is more substantial, more volatile, or not directly consumed
at runtime in source form may only be distributed in binary form."

The area of concern is BIRT's report web viewer which consists of 45
javascript files and 37 jsp files.  My opinion is that the number of
files being included does not constitute a small amount of source and
given that many people like to change the way their application is
presented, there is a decent chance that the jsp files could be
modified downstream (perhaps less so for the javascript).  Others feel
that these files fit within the bounds of the policy, hence my
bringing the question to this list

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Scott Gray

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