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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: LGPL software behind an isolation layer
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 15:40:33 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:
> No, because there is no documentation to back that up. Nothing in the
> FAQs or in a resolved Jira issue says that. 

Man, out of 2,500+ committers, many in the semantic web space, can't we
at least put together an FAQ or Incident system that answers all of the
questions all by itself, already?!?  Slackers.

> The specific issue Ceki is going for is that ASF projects should be
> allowed to use SLF4J and Logback for logging. SFL4J is obviously OK. I
> don't believe Logback has been approved for use as the default logging
> implementation.

So the question is, should users be able to elect or configure for Logback
when configuring their installation of sfl4j?

Random Yes's

  Just as they can configure to use MySQL or PostgreSQL or any other
  provider though JDBC, the answer is yes, sfl4j is fine.

  Can we offer -optional- bindings directly to a library like Logback?
  You are allowed to have optional bindings, provided the software is
  still functional without the binding.

  Release systems may require or auto-fetch LGPL tools for constructing
  a release (provided that license does not infect the resulting release).

Random No's

  No, you can't have a required binding to an LGPL library like Logback.

  No, an abstraction is not yet an abstraction if it has only 1 satisfactory

  No, a build or runtime cannot default to fetching an LGPL dependency
  when using the software.  If present, it can default to enabled, but
  if not present, the user must forcibly make an election.

  No, a build or runtime cannot default to binding to any GPL dependency
  by default which would trigger additional restrictions of the AL terms.

I have a more controversial observation in another thread.

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