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From Bram Stieperaere <bra...@gmail.com>
Subject rewrite of GPL'd C code to java, compatible with Apache Licence?
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 11:36:15 GMT

I am porting a vectorization library (potrace) from C to java (potrace4j,
working title) . the C code is GPL.

- Can I release the java version under an Apache Licence? A small part of
the java code is quite different, because of language feature differences
(IO/exceptions/memory mgmt/build in data structures ..), but the core
graphical algorithms are simply copied (including comments) from the c code.

-  Also, I think It would be a nice extension to Batik SVG library. Can I
(legally) donate the potrace4j code to Apache batik project?


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