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From Brian Fox <bri...@infinity.nu>
Subject Re: Clarification on the release requirements
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 16:45:41 GMT

> I think that such a tool is not necessary, although it would be 
> handy.  I think that the source jars maven produces satisfy the 
> requirement to be the source materials mentioned in the first quote.  
> While this obviously does not produce something that is immediately 
> buildable with a single short command line, as soon as you ask for 
> anything else you get into a continuum that leads to including all the 
> dependencies, the entire maven distro, the java compiler, and the jvm 
> and presumably the operating system and hardware.  IMO everything that 
> isn't in the source jar consists of "helpful hints about how you might 
> like to build this source should you be so inclined" and is not 
> required in the (source) distribution.
This is what I'm trying to determine. What are the real requirements of 
what this form? I don't want to waste time building a solution that is 
ultimately still not meeting the legal requirements.

> For a C project, does a source distro have to include make files?  If 
> so, why doesn'ti it have to include make and the compiler as well?  
> I'm no C expert but I believe it's possible although  perhaps 
> impractical to build a project using just the compiler...
That's where I was going with the thoughts....
> BTW --although IMO this belongs on the maven list -- I assume this 
> tool would extract the pom from the (binary) jar and the source from 
> the source jar and make a maven project lacking tests?
I don't think so yet, this is a question about what the legal 
requirements for releases are, and this should be met by all releases 
regardless of the tool. Once that's clear, then we can attempt to make 
the Apache releases using Maven easier to do. FWIW, I recently started 
in this direction by moving some of the things we do in the Maven build 
itself up to the Apache wide pom so that new projects have a lower 
hurdle to get compliant releases. The changes derived from this 
discussion should follow the same path once they are implemented. That 
is to say it's not Maven source itself that has to change because people 
outside of ASF obviously use it with different requirements, but the 
build process we use with Maven at Apache needs to be enhanced.

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