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From "Jennifer O'Neill" <jennifer...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache license
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 05:26:20 GMT

I am not a member of ASF but am an attorney who has worked with the group
for several years and am familiar with ASL v.2.0 and its implementation.  My
reading is that you can change the file names from the file names associated
with the original Apache HTTP Server distribution, but in doing so, please
be sure that you comply specifically with Section 4 of ASL v.2.0.  Section 4
sets forth the terms for redistribution of the Apache code and generally
requires that you do the following:

(1) Give the end-users a copy of the Apache Software License v.2.0.

(2) The files that you modify -- even if it is just a name change -- should
include a notice stating that you modified the files.  Since you are
changing the name, in order to avoid confusion I would be specific and state
that you have changed the name from "apache.exe" to "[NEWNAME].exe."

(3) If you distribute source code from Apache HTTP Server, be sure that you
retain all copyright and similar attribution notices contained in the
original distribution (however, no need to do this for portions of Apache
HTTP Server that you are not redistributing in either unmodified or modified

(4) If the Apache code contains a notice.txt file in the distribution that
you downloaded, then you need to retain the attribution notices set forth
in that notice.txt file (to the extent that the attributions are relevant to
the portions of Apache HTTP Server you are redistributing).  Those notices
should be included in either (a) a notice.txt file distributed with your
licensed program; (b) in the source code form or documentation, if you
distribute that with your licensed program; or, (c) if you typically display
all third-party acknowledgments in your UI or elsewhere in your licensed
program, you can add the attributions to that content.

(5) You can add your own copyright and attribution information to your
modifications and to other code contained in the licensed program (including
that from other third parties whose software you are redistributing).  Just
make sure that you don't modify the ASF attribution notices or licensing
terms when you do so.

Again, this is how I would proceed, but you may wish to obtain your own
legal counsel.  Further, members of ASF may have additional or different
input, and I defer to their opinions on this matter as the "keepers" of the


Jennifer O'Neill

On 1/15/09, Toan Tran Tuong <toanstt@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear,
> My company are developing a commercial software that includes Apache
> Server.
> My question is, could we change the binary file name of Apache Server, for
> example apache.exe to another?
> We look forward to your answer so that we can continue development.
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> TT

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