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From "Daniel P." <danielpalm...@googlemail.com>
Subject Apache License and third-party components
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2009 12:36:49 GMT

I have developed an open source framework in PHP. It should be
available under the Apache License 2.0.

Currently I have the following directory structure:

/myproject (this should be Apache License 2.0)
      /my library
      /third-party library (LGPL)
/third-party developer tools
   /third-party library 1 (LGPL)
   /third-party library 2 (GPL)
   /third-party library 3 (Open Software License Version 2.1)

I plan to distribute the complete directory structure in one ZIP-file.
Since some of the licenses of the third-party components are
incompatible with the Apache License, these libraries must keep their
original licenses.

Is it legal to build one ZIP-file, or do I have to distribute the
third-party components separately?
How do I reveal which directory is under which license. Is it enough
to have the license files in the corresponding directories?

Thank you for your help,

Daniel P.

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