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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Reuse of ASF source code and NOTICE
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 13:10:46 GMT
Matthias Wessendorf ha scritto:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 2:19 PM, Matthias Wessendorf <matzew@apache.org> wrote:
>>> What is not clear here is whether Oracle specifically requested this.
>>> Based on what I have seen so far, I see no evidence that they have.
>> I think, it was just done for some incubator reasons. let me check
>> older archives
>> about that.
> I think I found the old thread:
> http://marc.info/?l=incubator-general&m=115757673411139&w=2
> b/c of this reply I started to look at other (donated) projects in the
> incubator.
> So I added the Oracle note. But generally, what's wrong in mention that at
> Oracle major parts of Trinidad have been developed?

Nothing wrong. But when you write this in NOTICE then it is a specific 
request your make via Apache License v2 that anyone using that code or 
part of that code will have to bring that NOTICE with him.

In the mean time I wrote a new Base64OutputStream based on code from 
commons-codec that has no NOTICE requirement but ASF, so this issue is 
really low priority for me, but of course is interesting to understand 
this non-technical stuff better.

My only remaining concern wrt this issue is that Apache JAMES mime4j 0.4 
has been released and it includes Base64OutputStream from trinidad and 
it does not have any credit to Oracle for this. That's why I was asking 
if the release have to be removed from www.apache.org or if we can move 
on and simply fix this in mime4j 0.5


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