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From Santiago Gala <sg...@apache.org>
Subject Test case, shindig NOTICE file
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 20:36:17 GMT
I updated today the NOTICE file from shindig from:





I tried to follow http://www.apache.org/legal/src-headers.html, but it
was somehow confusing to me. I looked, as a template, to a recent NOTICE
file of httpd or mod_python, can't remember exactly.

First, I used a line of dashes to separate, changelog like, the
different entries.

I modified the original reference to Google, as it didn't look good to
remove it completely, but...

I added a reference to a couple of MIT licensed files I *found* in the
codebase. I included the file names, as the typical "portions" is very

I'm sending this here to:
* get feedback if what I did was off base
* if I made some mistake, correct it in the "/legal/src-headers.html"
document so as to have cleaner interpretation next time
* as I prepare this email, I think the original Google copyright notices
might be required to move here. See
(620620), http://github.com/sgala/apache-incubator-shindig/commit/a08a8fc370821230aea42b17930d6b1257dbec6a
(620616) and http://github.com/sgala/apache-incubator-shindig/commit/17e0d552a27d1d4822409dda68b9cc55716d386e
I don't have a clue about this.
* The original changes is documented here:
* even if it is deemed "right", I'd rewrite the page to show a typical
result page and reassure people changing license information.

How about this test case to try to debug the start of a NOTICE file when
a new project is starting incubation? I'm requesting an expert audit and
will send patches for the /legal/src-headers.html page or document in
the wiki as preferred.

Santiago Gala

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