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From David Jencks <david_jen...@yahoo.com>
Subject A MySQL/GPL question for a change
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 07:24:06 GMT
Just to provide a little variety in the LGPL discussions...

At Geronimo I'd like to propose releasing some plugins that enable  
running Roller on geronimo.  One of the options lets you use MySQL as  
the database.  Geronimo plugins are basically configuration  
information and possibly repackaged code.  This particular release  
would not include any java source code but the binary portion of the  
release would include repackaging Roller and Tranql connector binary  

1. The default set of plugins uses Derby as the database.

2. If a user wished to use the mysql database plugin they would have  
to obtain and manually install the mysql java driver into geronimo  
before the geronimo tools would install the mysql database plugin.

3. The plugins are built using maven.  The only information about the  
mysql driver actually needed by the build is the artifact (groupId,  
artifactId, version, type) of the mysql jar (i.e. where it's found in  
a maven repository), but for some reason maven is downloading the jar  

4. No geronimo code depends on mysql code in any way.

5. MySQL is GPL with a FOSS exclusion that appears to say that open  
source software can link to it without needing to be GPL.

6. Tranql is a codehaus project with apache license version 2.  Two  
classes in the tranql mysql adapter directly use mysql classes.   
These classes are repackaged in the mysql-roller database plugin.  If  
we've understood the FOSS exclusion tranql's asl license is  
consistent with its use of mysql classes and its use with roller is  
also OK.  Anyone wishing to use the tranql mysql adapter with non-asl  
licensed software would have to figure out the mysql licensing  
situation for themselves, but this should not affect the tranql license.

To summarize,
-- use of the mysql database plugin requires the user to  explicitly  
acquire and install the mysql jar: geronimo will refuse to install  
the plugin until this has happened.
-- building the mysql database plugin does download the mysql jar but  
this is not used in any significant way nor included in any way in  
the build artifacts.

Does anyone see any problems with this?  If so, does this mean that  
all information about how to run any apache product with  mysql  
should be removed from apache?

david jencks

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