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From "Hiram Chirino" <hi...@hiramchirino.com>
Subject Code Grant for NMS implementation for Tibco EMS
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 16:33:28 GMT
Hi Folks,

The ActiveMQ project just received a code drop for an implementation
of the NMS api for Tibco EMS.  And I'm doing the ip clearance document
for it and few questions popped up.

#1: right now the module is going to be named something like nms-tibco
and produce a NMS.Tibco.dll file.  Tibco is a trademarked name.. would
we run into problems in shipping a module named NMS.Tibco.dll ???

#2 This module has dependencies on the Tibco client libraries which
are not open source.  We will not be shipping these binaries.  Is it
OK to depend on them?  I assume this is no different than depending on
Windows dlls, but I just want to verify this is a correct assumption.


Blog: http://hiramchirino.com

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