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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: SUN PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL code in myfaces
Date Sat, 04 Aug 2007 01:02:07 GMT
Roy T. Fielding ha scritto:
> On Aug 3, 2007, at 1:22 AM, Stefano Bagnara wrote:
>> Santiago Gala ha scritto:
>>> I'm not really sure what we are trying to achieve here, but a file
>>> committed by a Sun employee, that has signed a CLA, while working under
>>> Sun direction, etc. *is licensed under AL 2.0*
>> This is a very dangerous "statement". I committed many files to the ASF
>> repositories under the CDDL, the BSD, the MIT, the MPL licenses (being
>> them jars, xmls or other files) but this does not means they are now AL
>> 2.0 and copyrighted to ASF.
> No, and Santiago didn't say anything like that either.  In this case,
> Sun has a long-standing agreement with the ASF which says that
> all Sun-copyrighted content that their employees commit to Tomcat
> is contributed under license to the ASF and we may relicense it
> at will provided the license is consistent with our open source,
> nonprofit purpose.  That was part of our agreement to accept the
> Tomcat code (and logo) as an Apache project.
> Second, we are not responsible for any actions by individuals.
> If a committer submits code that they do not have the legal right
> to submit, then they will not be defended by Apache.  What the ASF
> defends are the decisions of our PMCs to make a release, not the
> decisions by individual committers to ignore our policies.

That's what I'm trying to say: we need to understand what is the ASF
policy wrt non class files included in CDDL licensed jars.

The mail-1.4.jar example is what I committed to our svn repository
believing I was committing a category B artifact and now I'm not sure I
could have done it as it includes also some text file that we cannot
consider binary. As I don't want to be individually responsible for such
things, should I write our PMC about this and should we stop
distributing JAMES Server? Or is this only a missing piece in the ASF

The most important thing is that I don't want any individual
responsibility for this: if the PMC decision to release does not protect
me then I will remove the CDDL jar tomorrow and someone else will try to
understand if the ASF policies allow us to include it or not ;-)

I agree with everything else you wrote.


> Third, unless specifically stated otherwise in a contribution and
> accepted as such by the PMC, all contributions are under the Apache
> license.  NOBODY has the right to commit non-Apache-Licensed source
> to an ASF project without prior approval of the responsible PMC.
> I don't know the specific background of the files in myfaces, unlike
> the ones in Tomcat.  I do know Craig was mentoring the project and
> that he was the spec lead at the time, so whoever did commit those
> files to MyFaces did so with his permission.
> None of that changes the copyright on these files.  The copyright
> is still owned by Sun.  However, we cannot publish misleading and
> incorrect license notices within our releases.  The files committed
> to our repository with permission of the copyright owner must have
> a license header consistent with the license they gave to the ASF.
> The copyright ownership notice should remain.  Only the header info
> about the no-longer-applicable license is removed.  If the copyright
> owner disagrees with a specific contribution, it is their
> responsibility to notify us.  Once that notice is received, we will
> take whatever action is warranted aside from changing history -- we
> will not change old (approved) releases just because a copyright
> owner has changed their mind about a past commit.
> In any case, if these files are updated to the most recent specs or
> new files are suggested for commit, it is the committer's and PMC's
> responsibility to ensure that permission is obtained from the
> copyright owner and that the result of that permission is reflected
> in the license headers.  That will always be a requirement, no
> matter what our policies say about third-party licenses.
> ....Roy

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