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From Ralph Goers <Ralph.Go...@dslextreme.com>
Subject Re: Podling trademark
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 16:57:30 GMT
The first two links lead to a message saying the search session has expired.

I'd be more worried about products named Ivy than a company.  Your 
product is officially Apache Ivy which should help reduce conflicts, 
however as folks inevitably shorten the name it would be confusing if 
there was already a product named Ivy.

I'm not sure how much confusion there could be between Apache Ivy and 
Ivy Software, especially since the only software product I see is Ivy 
Author. But then again, I'm not a lawyer.

IIRC, when Felix was first started they did a similar investigation and 
got results similar to yours, so I would find that encouraging.


Xavier Hanin wrote:
> Hello legal-discuss@,
> I'm currently investigating registered trademarks for the podling Ivy, 
> and I'd like to get some experienced feedback since it's my first 
> trademark investigation.
> At the moment, following advices on the general@incubator.a.o 
> <mailto:general@incubator.a.o> list, I've made a search on the United 
> States Patent and Trademark Office and with google. On the uspto.gov 
> <http://uspto.gov/> site looking for Ivy leads to 410 documents, in 
> which it's difficult to see which are related to software. So I've 
> tried "Ivy software" search and found 2 documents, related to dead 
> trademarks [1] [2]. On google I've found several things related to Ivy 
> software [3] [4] [5]. So now I don't know how I can say if it's a 
> problem or not, and if we need to change the name of the project or if 
> Apache Ivy will be fine. Any help or advice to tell me what I should 
> do or consider would be very helpful.
> Thanks in advance,
> Xavier
> [1] http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=p16u71.2.1 
> <http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=p16u71.2.1>
> [2] http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=p16u71.2.2 
> <http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=p16u71.2.2>
> [3] http://www.ivysoftware.com/
> [4] http://www.ivysoft.co.uk/
> [5] http://www.tls.cena.fr/products/ivy/ 
> <http://www.tls.cena.fr/products/ivy/>

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