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From "Anton Tagunov" <anton.tagu...@umail.ru>
Subject cross-pollenation (Comments on GPLv3)
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 17:42:37 GMT

Jeffrey> Apache code can be taken and dropped in the middle
Jeffrey> of GPLv3 projects (since Apache's license
Jeffrey> is liberal and allows Derivative Works to be relicensed),
Jeffrey> but GPLv3 code cannot be taken and dropped into Apache
Jeffrey> projects, as the GPLv3 would require that the original
Jeffrey> Apache code be relicensed under GPLv3.

Jeffrey> If a GPLv3 project takes some Apache code and evolves it,
Jeffrey> the Apache committers need to be on the
Jeffrey> lookout for people trying to contribute those
Jeffrey> changes back to Apache by mistake.

1) What if only the actual authors of the changes are allowed
to contribute them back? They would dual-license their changes:
GPLv3 (for their home project) and ASL (for Apache).

2) BTW how is ASF okay with third party patches
if the patch authors haven't yet signed the paper?

Jeffrey> I don't know how they are going to do that since the
Jeffrey> code will likely still have the Apache copyright and
Jeffrey> license notice in it.

3) Wouldn't it be very strange for GPL project _not to change_
the license? If they haven't changed they've screwed up haven't they?


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