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From "Lawrence Rosen" <lro...@rosenlaw.com>
Subject RE: Comments on GPLv3
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 17:40:59 GMT
Noel Bergman wrote:

> I am now wondering again about the GPL and such components as the MySQL

> JDBC driver, which is under the GPL.  If under GPLv3, since no one would

> actually refer to the driver's internals, and would only use the standard

> JDBC interfaces that it implements, would the GPL have any effect

> whatsoever on code that wants to include the driver in the distribution?

> Heretofore (GPLv2), we've said yes and banned the driver.  But perhaps we

> can allow distribution of it under GPLv3.  Yes?  No?


Yes, we can allow distribution of such GPLv3 drivers without any effect
whatsoever on Apache's code. Stay away from the internals, design to the
standard interfaces implemented by the GPLv3 module, and aggregate verbatim
copies of the GPLv3 module with any collective works you want to distribute.
GPLv3 permits that. Whether ASF wants to permit that is up to you. 


I am, of course, interested in contrary opinions by anyone on this list.
Jeff Thompson, for example, made an interesting suggestion yesterday that
GPLv3 replaces "linking" with "dependencies" for determining whether
something is a derivative work. I think that goes way too far, since most
software depends on other software to operate properly; the word
"dependencies" is over-inclusive. So I'd want to know if Jeff and others
believe that having Apache code "depend on" the functions performed by a
verbatim copy of GPLv3 code such as the MySQL JDBC driver makes any
difference under copyright law or GPLv3 license analysis? 




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