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From Paul Libbrecht <p...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Axis2 dependencies mostly with ASL ?
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2007 23:09:03 GMT
David Jencks wrote:
>> Basically, my wish to track down to the source is exactly meaning 
>> this: I'd like to be sure that such bundles are righteously bundled. 
>> I see no other way than having a grant, somewhere. And I believe we 
>> have no grant, e.g., of W3C... but I may be wrong !
> I wonder if you are confusing copyright on a specification, licensing 
> terms for implementing a specification, copyright of an implementation 
> of a specification, and licensing of an implementation of a 
> specification.  I'm certainly having a hard time understanding almost 
> all of your questions and I think it's because I can't tell which of 
> these 4 you are referring to.

I am just searching for the correct licenses for jars that we wish to 
redistribute that ASF projects already redistribute.
*please note, once and for all, my concerns have nothing to do with 
implementions, just with the jars of the APIs* (so don't refer me to the 
loong threads of BEA wishing to APL-ize the StAX-RI).

I believe that it is wrong, unless we know differently, to bundle a jar 
of code copyright-owned-by W3C or BEA or Sun and claim it is APL, even 
if the source has been in an ASF repository for a while. And this is 
what I seem to observe.

Hope i clarified!


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