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From David Crossley <cross...@apache.org>
Subject Re: New copyright header policy
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 04:36:27 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> > There's a set of scripts (Perl, Python, and Java) under the committers
> > directory that does all of the relicensing for you.  It's really 5
> > minutes worth of work, if that...  -- justin
> For the record, it looks like only the Perl one has been updated.

I wrote those original ones under relicense/src/perl and
recently updated them. I did this to assist myself with
Forrest and Cocoon. If it helps other people then great.

The Python and Java ones have not been updated.

Also Roy recently added a new script in tools/copy2license.pl

> Running the tool might only take five minutes, if that, but checking
> the tool has done what it should do will take longer. Whilst I am
> grateful for that the tools exist since they do all the mindless work
> for you I would always want to review the output, particularly for
> something as important as the license.

Absolutely. In fact the tools that i wrote have a
"practice mode" and a "verbose mode" to enable reviewing
of what it is going to do. They can also avoid specified files.
I find it very useful to scan the project's trunk and summarise
the license header situation.

I do many practice runs. It is not an easy job.

Even so, when doing a change like this, then i always
do 'svn diff | my-sed-script' to filter stuff that i
expect. If anything is left over, then there is trouble.

Note: If someone has already used update-AL20.pl
then do it again. There was a vital error.


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