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From "Jesse Kuhnert" <jkuhn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Request For Comment] Third-Party Licensing Policy
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 02:10:40 GMT
Sounds like a very reasonable outline, would I be correct in thinking that I
can now:

-) Include an LGPL jar as part of a non-standard build of a demo
application, provided that the "ant" build must explicitly be called for
this particular target, and that it also makes very clear to the user that
the code they are about to download(ibiblio)/build is not apache code and is
subject to alternate licensing?

Ie I would like to build a demo app for tapestry that uses hibernate as the
underlying DB access layer - with all necessary user acknowledged license
restrictions in place- is this possible?


On 3/13/06, Cliff Schmidt <cliffs@apache.org> wrote:
> See http://people.apache.org/~cliffs/3party.html for a draft policy
> regarding the use of third-party works in Apache products and their
> various licenses.  The policy includes license criteria, lists of
> specifically authorized and excluded licenses, a license labeling
> policy, options for works under excluded licenses, and a transition
> policy.
> Please send any comments, concerns, feedback, and flames to this
> list, unless you have a special need to keep your comments private
> (since this list has a publicly accessible archive).
> Although this is an internal policy directed at Apache committers and
> PMC members, it impacts how Apache products will be licensed, which
> Apache users obviously have an interest in.  Therefore, I'm also
> interested in any feedback from a user's point of view.
> Thanks,
> Cliff Schmidt
> Legal Affairs Officer
> Apache Software Foundation
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