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From Jeffrey Thompson <jt...@us.ibm.com>
Subject RE: Proposed header text at the top of each LICENSE file
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 00:40:22 GMT
"Lawrence Rosen" <lrosen@rosenlaw.com> wrote on 11/28/2005 07:07:26 PM:

> I don't see how we're representing that.  Whoever contributed the 
> code under the Apache license (if anyone) would be making a patent 
> grant, but I don't recall Apache ever claiming that it had the 
> ability to go find everyone who has contributed copyrightable code 
> to old BSD projects and get patent grants.  Frankly, I think that 
> would be a waste of time.  And I don't see anything in the ASLv2 
> that requires it. 
> Asserting that "this software is licensed under the ALv2" is a 
> little misleading. We must at least make it clear that some of the 
> components of that collective work were licensed to us under other 
> licenses, including the BSD. That, I believe, is all that Cliff is 

    I didn't read Cliff's suggestion as providing for a "notice" when 
Apache has received code under other than the ASL or a CLA.  That would be 
a completely different issue, I think.  And one I hadn't thought much 
about before.  Assuming that ASF gets comfortable with relicensing code 
from, say BSD, to ASLv2, it would be helpful if one could find out what 
code that happened to.  Whether the SVN history would have that, I don't 


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