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From Lukas Theussl <ltheu...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Copyright statement in intermediate files
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:54:14 GMT
Hi Niclas,

Thank you for the clarification, but I am not sure your examples are 
relevant for our case (but then, IANAL...).

>  - The brush manufacturer, who may hold all kinds of patents and other IPs
>    about the brush itself, can not make any claims on the painting that you
>    produce with it/

The 'painting' that I produce (the final html output) does not contain 
the copyright statement. No Apache copyright statement is found in any 
end-product that is produced by Maven. It's only in intermediate files 
that are used by Maven internally in order to generate the final result. 
These intermediate files are generated from templates that we wrote 
ourselfes, therefore they are Apache copyrighted. But they are not 
supposed to be distributed or used for any other purpose than to produce 
the final html result.

> Likewise, Maven should not "produce" Copyrights notices, but preferably "carry 
> them forward" from user originals.

We do not 'produce' copyright notices anywhere, we just 'carry them 
forward' from our templates. And in the current case, there are no user 
originals since the xml intermediate files are constructed from 
information that is supplied by the user in a different format (names, 
email addresses, ...).

> Meaning, if copyrights are found in xdocs, then it will be good if they are 
> copied to the html output.

Yes, this is something that we do not do currently because any comments 
are stripped from xdocs.

> For generated reports, the situation is probably unclear if there can be any 
> Copyright claims at all. Best avenue is possibly to allow the user to provide 
> a Copyright claim, and by that transfer the legality to the user.

I think that's also the way to go for any xdocs. Just let the user 
specify a copyright statement that gets copied into all output files.


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