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From Cliff Schmidt <cliffschm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ASL Only Distribution Policy [was Apache's LGPL Policy]
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 22:56:04 GMT
On 8/3/05, Justin Erenkrantz <justin@erenkrantz.com> wrote:
> --On August 3, 2005 12:39:31 AM -0400 "Noel J. Bergman" <noel@devtech.com>
> wrote:
> > Cliff Schmidt wrote:
> >> So, again -- the only reason I did not propose an LGPL policy that
> >> allowed projects to distribute a work that includes an LGPL .jar is
> >> because of the long-standing ASF policy to only distribute software
> >> from Apache servers that can be licensed under the terms of the Apache
> >> license.
> >
> > Said policy does not and never has existed beyond the bounds of discussion.
> > If it did, few of our Java servers would be distributable, since many binary
> > distributions include dependencies that are not under the Apache license.
> You are conflating two issues here.
> If the license terms are under the precise language of the AL doesn't matter
> to distribution.  The question is whether or not the said license places more
> restrictions than the AL does.
> Therefore, if a user follows the terms of the AL, then they also follow all
> the terms of the bundled code that we ship.  And, that's certainly not the
> case for the LGPL as it may enforce terms that they find unacceptable (i.e.
> any changes must be made public; and you must permit reverse engineering,
> etc.).
> If any ASF project is shipping dependencies that are more restrictive than the
> AL, then they need to pull it.  I don't know how you can say that hasn't been
> our policy - we've been very clear about that for a while.  -- justin

That is exactly my understanding as well -- sorry if I wasn't clear
enough above.


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