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From Roger Ruttimann <roger...@apache.org>
Subject Portal Bridges for PHP
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:08:13 GMT
As a part of the Jetspeed-2 project I created a bridge for executing PHP 
applications inside a portlet. I had to extent and modify the servlet 
example (experimental code) which calls into PHP's Java API. The 
modifications were packaged as a library (posted in public maven 
repositories) which is referenced by the php bridge in Portal Bridges. I 
posted the source code on a website with public access.

In PHP 5 the Java API was dropped and it got more complicated to support 
the php bridge. In fact people were asking to include some of the source 
code in the bridges so that the PHP engine could be extended along with 
the portal bridges. This doesn't seem to be an option since we can't 
have code derived from the PHP license included in ASF repositories. Can 
anybody confirm this?

Another option would be to have a project for the PHP Java API and the 
servlet and portlet extension since the API was dropped from the PHP 
project. I don't know what license issues would arise with this 
approach. Maybe Sam Ruby who wrote the Java API for PHP and who is an 
Apache member could provide some suggestions.

For now, the only solutions seems to be to have the modified source code 
posted on a public site and instructions inside the portal bridges 
project that point to the source. A better integration of the external 
dependencies would be preferred by the users.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, ideas or guidelines to generate 
more acceptance of the php bridge and the portals project in general.

Roger Ruttimann

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