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From Theo Van Dinter <felic...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Request for Export Code for Spam Assassin (fwd)
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 22:55:41 GMT
Another thing to note, btw, is that they're requesting it for SpamAssassin
2.64, which was pre-ASF (ASF releases of the code started with 3.0.0).

But yeah, I agree we're in the same boat as OpenLDAP it seems.  We don't have
any encryption in our code itself.

On Fri, Aug 19, 2005 at 03:10:09PM -0700, Justin Mason wrote:
> I think we're in the same boat as OpenLDAP:
>   'I am not aware of any code in OpenLDAP that implements reversible
>   encryption, which is what the US government restrictions apply to.
>   Therefore, OpenLDAP itself is not subject to export controls.'
> What should we do?  How has this been dealt with by other ASF projects,
> if ever?
> > Justin,
> > Please provide the Export Control Classification Number for the
> > following product:
> > 
> > Spam Assassin 2.64
> > 
> > If this is not the correct place to make this request, please forward
> > this to your export compliance office.

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