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From Paul Libbrecht <p...@activemath.org>
Subject Re: IBM and Apache
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 17:59:44 GMT
I'll also allow my 2pc: Apache foundation is a recognized major 
open-source player, I feel that the last announcement of "Apache 
Foundation trapped by patent" is considerably wrong and would like to 
express the contrary:

"WS-I Security makers trapped by their patents"

namely. I trust the ASF to have enough recognition to be an example: if 
the ASF cannot host such a problem, there's an issue and, other 
open-source institutions will also not take it. Even Systinet should be 

I might make too much esteem of ASF but I do believe it has enough 
visibility for this.

Keep up the good work ASF Legal advisors!


Le 21 juil. 05, à 05:37, Simon Kitching a écrit :

> If OASIS want to issue specs with such potential problems, then
> development should also be hosted by OASIS, not by Apache. Why doesn't
> OASIS host such projects? Perhaps because they don't have a reputation
> as an open-source-friendly institution?
> So the time to decide on what specifications are and are not acceptable
> as Apache projects is *before* the project starts, not when the first
> patent problem occurs. Jeffrey suggested in an earlier email that an 
> group should be formed to address patent-related issues. I think this 
> is
> exactly the right solution - that group can address whether the
> WS-Security spec is sufficiently free to allow implementation at Apache
> or not.

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