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From Ralph Goers <Ralph.Go...@dslextreme.com>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Usage of Hibernate]
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 06:19:40 GMT
Wow. That would be great. Agila would have no problem, since it uses 
Maven.  This would be somewhat of a problem for Cocoon 2.1, given how it 
is currently packaged though.


Cliff Schmidt wrote:

>At this point, ASF projects should not have dependencies on Hibernate
>or any LGPL libraries, but this policy may change by the end of this
>The ASF has been working with the FSF to get a common understanding of
>issues associated with Java projects that take dependencies on LGPL
>libraries.  We're getting very close, and I'm now expecting to have a
>resolution in front of the ASF Board by their next regular monthly
>meeting.  I can't speak for the Board, but from the legal side, I
>think there's a good chance the Board will approve allowing ASF
>projects to take dependencies on unmodified LGPL libraries such as
>Hibernate.  However, it is quite another thing to allow a project to
>actually redistribute the LGPL dependency (as opposed to placing the
>burden on the user to go out and get Hibernate).  We currently have a
>pretty strong policy against allowing IP with terms beyond those of
>the Apache License 2.0 to be checked into CVS/SVN or (depending on who
>you ask) to be included in a project's release.
>Again, this is a Board decision; I'm just trying to let you all know
>the time line and the possible outcomes.

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