"Geir Magnusson Jr." <geirm@apache.org> wrote on 05/12/2005 02:58:54 PM:
> > Notice that the residuals clause does not extend to copyrights.  
> > You can study Sun's source code under the JRL and then turn around  
> > and write your own implementation relying solely on what you  
> > remember, and you're covered for any potential trade secrets that  
> > Sun might have had.  However, if your code turns out to be  
> > "substantially similar" (an intentionally vague legal standard),  
> > then Sun might have a copyright claim that it can assert.  You need  
> > to make sure that your code is not substantially similiar.  How one  
> > does that without constantly referring to the code that you're  
> > trying not to copy without looking like you're trying to copy  
> > without getting caught is an interesting question.
> How is this any different than looking at any other copyrighted  
> material for which you don't have a license to freely copy?
Not much different.  If you were writing a novel about a young boy who was going to a wizarding school you probably shouldn't be using Harry Potter as your reference material.

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