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From Phil Steitz <p...@steitz.com>
Subject Re: Corporate Contributions
Date Sun, 20 Mar 2005 03:42:28 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>>the posts refers to the corporate CLA here
>>which makes it look like corporations can contribute (directly) to
>>apache projects.  Can someone explain exactly what that means?  In
>>particular, how can PMCs exercise oversight on corporations if they can
>>be contributors?
> The CCLA provides permission for employees to perform their obligations
> under the ICLA.  Every committer contributes under the terms of the
> individual CLA.  As far as I know, there is no corporate entity making a
> contribution, ever, other than a Software Grant.

That's what I thought, and that's what the licenses web page 
(http://www.apache.org/licenses/#clas) says, but the text of the CCLA 
begins like this:

Thank you for your interest in The Apache Software Foundation (the
"Foundation").  In order to clarify the intellectual property license
granted with contributions of software from any person or entity
(the "Contributor"), the Foundation would like to have a Contributor
License Agreement on file that has been signed by the Contributor,
indicating agreement to the license terms below.  This license is for
your protection as a Contributor of software to the Foundation and does
not change your right to use your own contributions for any other purpose.

In this case the signatory is the corporation.  The language would seem 
to suggest that the corporation is in fact contributing directly.


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