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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@collab.net>
Subject Re: open source developer contract ammendment
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:53:03 GMT

While an important topic for all developers to be aware of, I would like 
to preserve this list for Apache policy discussions or issues specific to 
our projects.  I'm hoping the Software Freedom Law Center opens a resource 
for this kind of thing, as they seem like the logical place for it. 
Could you contact them through their standard channels and see if they're 
interested?  If not, I can try to ping Eben.

I'm not lawyerly enough to comment on the ideas around tangible vs. 
intangible IP, which appear to be the main place your agreement differs 
from standard contracting law, which provides protection for your own 
tangible IP created on your own time and hardware and facilities anyways. 
I would just note that you mention "ideas and concepts" as intangible and 
thus should be shared by contractor and contractee, which would require 
the company to spell out all patents they own that you might be exposed to 
while working there and would have to be exempt from the agreemnt.  Maybe 
that wouldn't be such a bad thing after all...


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