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From Santiago Gala <sg...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Corporate Contributions
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 14:03:49 GMT
El vie, 25-03-2005 a las 05:25 -0800, Costin Manolache escribió:
> > You'd have no need for it w/ unemployed or self-employed, so it
> > wouldn't restrict.  The point isn't to have a CCLA from everyone,
> but
> > one from those that are employed.  The point also isn't to make
> things
> > unnecessarily burdensome, but I think there are some realities that
> we
> > have to deal with.
> Except for the lucky self-employed and unlucky unemployed - it is
> usually very 
> burdensome to deal with management/legal/beaurocracy - especially when
> you're doing it
> so you can do something on your free time.

Agree with costin. No big company with a legal department would sign a
legal document without an effort several orders of magnitude bigger than
the work itself. The direct manager employing the committer would not
risk signifying themselves in the structure, and the legal layers in
bigcos are way too jealous about their position to not profit any chance
to show they have power.

I have been luckily self-employed during the last years, and I'm
unluckily self-unemployed currently :( But I have been in close contact
with corporate setups in Spain during this times, and I can tell you
that no big company would sign a Corporate CLA without a big effort.

Having been raised under a dictatorial regime, I've been used to have my
fingerprints in my identity card ever since I was 14. I have been used
to be guilty unless proved otherwise. But one of the things I have
learned as Spain slowly learned the democratic ways is that one is
innocent unless proved otherwise, and that the ASF not trusting that an
individual signing an ICLA has full, informed right to do so is going
backwards in time to before the French Revolution, at the very least.

Open Source is fed by the ultra-low entry barriers that the internet
enables. Raising those barriers it not a good idea. Common based peer
production is an alternate way to allocate resources to the old
hierarchical "20th century" corporation. Please, don't borrow their
control-oriented structures while we can avoid it.

A quote from last Cory Doctorow lecture in ETech[1]: "Complex ecosystems
are influenced, not controlled."

[1] http://craphound.com/complexecosystems.txt

Stating the obvious, as usually
VP and Chair, Apache Portals (http://portals.apache.org)
Apache Software Foundation

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