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From Henri Yandell <bay...@apache.org>
Subject RE: LGPL and "the Hibernate clause".
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2005 03:24:12 GMT

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Henri Yandell wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Jan 2005, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> <snip> .......
>> there's the parallel path of proposing better language to the Hibernate 
>> developers to use in the "exception".  For those of you who have recently 
>> joined, it was the first message to this list; you can obtain it by sending 
>> an email to
>> legal-discuss-get-1@apache.org
>> and there's a thread that follows in subsequent messages.  The issue here 
>> was that Hibernate's current 'exception', at
>> http://www.hibernate.org/196.html
>> seems too unclear, so we tossed around some ideas for a rewrite.  The last 
>> draft we came to was:
>>   Any incorporation of Hibernate under or within another application under
>>   any other license will not cause the LGPL to apply to that other
>>   application.  Modifications to Hibernate, however, must fall under the
>>   LGPL.  Compilation of the other application and Hibernate (together or
>>   separately) is not considered a modification.
>> Henri suggested templating it so that any project X and license L could be 
>> used.
>> Since we've had a raft of new subscribers since the last time I issued a 
>> last call for comments, let me do that one more time.  Last call for 
>> comments?
> Been a week, pinging for the next step on this :)
> Presuming the lack of comments is considered acceptable, you originally 
> stated that the text above was created by Jason and yourself. Does it need to 
> get in front of Robyn before we can ask the Hibernate guys to display it, or 
> indeed to offer it to them as a legally confirmed replacement for their 
> current text?
> Additionally, before we talk to Hibernate, I'd like to know if there are any 
> issues on where the text should be. Currently they put the html file on their 
> website, and include the website in the download. Would we prefer that it be 
> in the same directory as the LGPL?
> Should we create a template version and post it on our site before talking to 
> them?


Andrew had a question. Niclas had some opinions (I'll leave it up to the 
ASF members to discuss whether they need to talk about things).


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