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From Henri Yandell <bay...@apache.org>
Subject RE: LGPL and "the Hibernate clause".
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 05:03:11 GMT

On Sun, 16 Jan 2005, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

<snip> .......

> there's the 
> parallel path of proposing better language to the Hibernate developers to use 
> in the "exception".  For those of you who have recently joined, it was the 
> first message to this list; you can obtain it by sending an email to
> legal-discuss-get-1@apache.org
> and there's a thread that follows in subsequent messages.  The issue here was 
> that Hibernate's current 'exception', at
> http://www.hibernate.org/196.html
> seems too unclear, so we tossed around some ideas for a rewrite.  The last 
> draft we came to was:
>   Any incorporation of Hibernate under or within another application under
>   any other license will not cause the LGPL to apply to that other
>   application.  Modifications to Hibernate, however, must fall under the
>   LGPL.  Compilation of the other application and Hibernate (together or
>   separately) is not considered a modification.
> Henri suggested templating it so that any project X and license L could be 
> used.
> Since we've had a raft of new subscribers since the last time I issued a last 
> call for comments, let me do that one more time.  Last call for comments?

Been a week, pinging for the next step on this :)

Presuming the lack of comments is considered acceptable, you originally 
stated that the text above was created by Jason and yourself. Does it need 
to get in front of Robyn before we can ask the Hibernate guys to display 
it, or indeed to offer it to them as a legally confirmed replacement for 
their current text?

Additionally, before we talk to Hibernate, I'd like to know if there are 
any issues on where the text should be. Currently they put the html file 
on their website, and include the website in the download. Would we prefer 
that it be in the same directory as the LGPL?

Should we create a template version and post it on our site before talking 
to them?


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