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From Henri Yandell <bay...@apache.org>
Subject Novell licence
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 18:39:06 GMT

We've a request in the Jakarta->Commons->VFS project to have a piece of code 
that depends on a Novell library. The particular library is:


The licence is:


The contributor (sorry, unsure if they're a Novell employee or not) has told us 
that the licence is in effect the same as Sun's licence for JavaMail (I've 
attached the javamail licence).

Reading it with my uneducated mind, it seems to be that way. We can depend on 
the code, but we can't store the jar in our CVS (or on iBiblio). This holds 
true as long as the library isn't somehow identified as "Early Access Release 
Materials" or "Internal Tools".

Noel Bergman pointed out that:

"As I read to clause 3, just referencing that license may be insufficient, 
e.g., 'Software contains various software programs with different license 
rights.' What is the license included with the specific component that is 
intended to be used, and/or for what use is that component designated by 

Licensing for the product is interesting. In addition to the url we were given, 
there are two different licences; one that you accept when you download the zip 
containing the library and another that is contained within the zip. The 
website has 17 clauses, the agree page has 26 clauses and the download has 15 
clauses. I've attached agree-licence.txt, website-licence.txt and 
download-licence.txt to this email.

The interesting parts of the various licences appear at first glance to be the 

So I'm looking for a legal go-ahead on treating it akin to JavaMail.

Let me know if you need anything, I suspect this first email will be lacking 
the right details/language.


Henri Yandell
Jakarta VP
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