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From Martin van den Bemt <mar...@mvdb.net>
Subject Re: VaudTax strikes again: distributed with no ASF license (to be confirmed)
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2005 12:34:25 GMT
Hi everyone,

Maybe setting up a more "readable" page on how to comply with the 
license if you use any of the apache products will help, so we can mail 
a quick link on how to achieve compliance. My experience is that most 
people are just looking for a nice package to solve their problems, 
download it, strip it from everything it has (except for the jar itself)
and don't care about the license or do not know what the implications of 
a certain license is for their system (eg when choosing a GPL license).
Also it is not directly clear from the license (at least not for 
everyone) what you should do.

So eg :

How to comply with the Apache License if you use apache products in your 
  product :

Taking ant as a (in my view) good example :

- Include the LICENSE-2.0.txt in your distribution.
   How ? Create a LICENSE.packagename file for every (apache) dependency 
you use.
   Where ? In the root of the distribution.
- Include the NOTICE file (eg from 
http://www.apache.org/licenses/example-NOTICE.txt) and the appropiate 
    Where ? In the root of the distribution.

How to handle eg webstart applications ? Is it sufficient to include 
that information in eg jar files ? Or should an About window be created ?

Just an idea.


Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Last year I had a contact with my local taxes administration, who were 
> distributing many copies (a few hundred thousand probably) of their 
> VaudTax (http://www.vaudtax.vd.ch/, in French) software, containing 
> several ASF librairies, without including the required credits and license.
> Although they promised to correct this, I've just downloaded the new 
> release, and apparently they haven't done it: no credits or license, as 
> far as I can tell. I've looked in the about box, PDF docs, grepped the 
> installed files, and the word "apache" is only present in ASF jar files.
> I've written them to politely ask if I have overlooked something and if 
> the credits and license are indeed in there.
> I'll keep this list posted and ask for advice if the lack of license is 
> indeed confirmed, about what kind of action to take. One of our substate 
> (Vaud is a "canton", a substate of Switzeland) ministers is an open 
> source advocate, maybe he would help us make some positive noise about 
> this.
> But let's wait to see if this is confirmed - I just wanted to keep the 
> list informed as I have written to them about the problem.
> -Bertrand

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