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From Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org>
Subject OSGi CTs - Was: New process for obtaining TCKs
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 09:27:33 GMT
On 02/05/2010 18:49, Richard S. Hall wrote:
> On 5/2/10 8:55, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> There is no https://svn.apache.org/repos/tck/osgi-tcks/ repo at the
>> moment. I can create one if you wish (you need full svn admin to do this
>> as it is at the root of the repo).
>> The way /sun-tcks/ is organised, Daniel, Geir and I have read-write
>> access and anyone who has signed the sun NDA has read-only access.
>> We can set-up /osgi-tcks/ however you wish. I assume it would be
>> read-write for you and read-only for TBD.
>> Let me know if you want to go this route and if so, how you want the
>> repo set up and I'll get that done.
> The OSGi Alliance doesn't call it a TCK, they call it a CT (compliance
> or conformance tests, I don't remember which), so if we want to use
> their terminology, we should use /osgi-cts/...but I guess it really
> doesn't matter to me.
> Sure, set me up with write access so I can maintain it and anyone else
> who wants to be able to do so. As far as read access, I think anyone
> signing an NDA can be granted read access regardless...I assume it is
> not necessary for us to distinguish why people submitted an NDA, so if
> you submit one you can have read access to all of it...

I assume this is a different NDA to the one folks sign to gain access to
the Sun TCKs. Where can I find a list of the folks that have signed the
relevant NDA?


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