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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: [ANN] New process for obtaining TCKs
Date Sun, 02 May 2010 17:49:22 GMT
On 5/2/10 8:55, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 30/04/2010 14:00, Richard S. Hall wrote:
>> Well, I could look into submitting and NDA, but that would involve
>> talking to my employer (even though it is Oracle). I can email it to you
>> if you don't mind receiving 10MB in mail...
>> I guess it wasn't completely clear to me if the process for granting
>> access to the TCK svn repo was automated from the received NDA file in
>> Correspondence/JCP/ or if it must be granted manually? I don't mind
>> helping out on the administrative stuff for the OSGi CTs if I can.
>> Also, the OSGi CTs are not related to JCP. I don't think we need to
>> necessarily create a separate process for them, but should it be
>> documented somehow differently. At a minimum, I guess I could put up a
>> page on the Felix web site about how to get access to them.
> There is no https://svn.apache.org/repos/tck/osgi-tcks/ repo at the
> moment. I can create one if you wish (you need full svn admin to do this
> as it is at the root of the repo).
> The way /sun-tcks/ is organised, Daniel, Geir and I have read-write
> access and anyone who has signed the sun NDA has read-only access.
> We can set-up /osgi-tcks/ however you wish. I assume it would be
> read-write for you and read-only for TBD.
> Let me know if you want to go this route and if so, how you want the
> repo set up and I'll get that done.

The OSGi Alliance doesn't call it a TCK, they call it a CT (compliance 
or conformance tests, I don't remember which), so if we want to use 
their terminology, we should use /osgi-cts/...but I guess it really 
doesn't matter to me.

Sure, set me up with write access so I can maintain it and anyone else 
who wants to be able to do so. As far as read access, I think anyone 
signing an NDA can be granted read access regardless...I assume it is 
not necessary for us to distinguish why people submitted an NDA, so if 
you submit one you can have read access to all of it...

-> richard

> Mark

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