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From Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Distributing TCK materials ideas....
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 07:30:15 GMT
On 26/04/2010 02:01, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> My checkout on Linux eventually worked as well.   Thus, it does look like this 
> will work.   Probably should find a Windows person to attempt it just to make 
> sure unless that's what you were using.

I was using Windows. I didn't do a checkout, just a direct request via a
browser to:

> I've added the jaxws and jaxrs tck's as well.   For those, I used a structure 
> like:
> jaxws/2.1
>          2.2
> jaxrs/1.0
>         1.1

I was in two minds. It was the way you did it or:


I'll svn mv javaee-6/* to javaee/6/* to align with jaxws and jaxrs

> to allow each version to be somewhat separated.   If that's OK, I can continue 
> populating additional TCK's.     The list of what we have access to is:

The updated list, along with latest modified dates is also on the jcp page:

> What are peoples priorities?   AKA: which should I start with and what 
> versions do people need?

I'd get the latest of everything and then fill in the older versions.
We'll need to get the release notes etc as well for the files already

My personal priorities are:
Servlet 3.0
JSP 2.2

We need the svn auth changes to be made as well before folks can access
this. I'm travelling today, but will try and look at this bewteen flights.


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