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From Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Distributing TCK materials ideas....
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 22:45:13 GMT
On 22/04/2010 03:00, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Looking through things, with going the SVN route, I don't think we even need
> to involve infrastructure unless we really want to.   The jcp* groups are
> currently already defined in the asf-authorization-template file and we can
> adjust them, add more, etc... as we need (well, Geir and I can as officers/PMC
> Chairs)

and I can too as I have infra karma (not that I would normally, but I can).

> and we can already create new dirs in the "tck" private repo as needed
> and set perms and such.  If we really WANT the groups in LDAP, we can get
> infra involved and pursue it, but if we aren't going to need it for group
> ownership of stuff on mino, I don't think its really needed.

Agreed. Lets keep this in svn.

As a first step, Geir can you add Daniel and I to the JCP group? Either 
of us could do it ourselves but I think it would be better if you did 
it. Until I'm in that group, I can't read any of the tck repo. I'd like 
to take a look around and review the structure before moving forward.

One useful point of clarification. Once someone has signed the NDA, is 
there any reason not to give them access to the complete set of TCKs we 
have? I can tell from the asf-authorization-template that things are 
currently broken down by project. I'm wondering what the options are 
going forward.

Obviously, I need to see what is there at the moment, but I am thinking 
something along the lines of:
- a top level tck dir where all the TCKs can be found
   - structure aligned with the TCK website
   - rw for the three of us
   - ro for anyone who has signed the NDA
- a serious of convenience directories for projects where they can use 
externals to group together the TCKs they are interested in
   - rw for the three of us
   - rw for the projects (so they can manage the externals)
   - ro for anyone who has signed the NDA

It may be that this is in place already or that this is a monumentally 
stupid way to organise things. I'll have a clearer picture once I can 
access the repo.


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