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From michael freedman <michael.freed...@oracle.com>
Subject Apache Software Foundation as "Supporter" of a JSR to define the Portlet 2.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces 1.2?
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:39:45 GMT
  I am the spec lead for JSR 301: the Portlet Bridge specification for 
JavaServer Faces 1.2.  The RI work for this JSR is being done at Apache 
in the PortletBridge subproject within MyFaces.  For the past year I 
have been working under the assumption that I could produce both the 
Portlet 1.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces 1.2 specification and the 
Portlet 2.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces 1.2 under this single JSR.  This 
assumption had been vetted by the JCP.  Unfortunately they misunderstood 
the methodology I planned to use which called for separate release dates 
of the specifications.  They now tell me I need a new JSR to address 
this second specification.  As I have an already prepared Early (Public) 
Draft and a corresponding implementation we are in the process of 
releasing an alpha version of in the Apache PortletBridge subproject, I 
would like to get this JSR kicked off/started as quickly as possible to 
avoid delays down the line.  I have attached the new JSR proposal.  This 
is a more targeted version of the original 301 proposal.  The next step 
before submitting to the JCP is to get a list of companies/individuals 
that "support" this JSR so I can list them with the proposal. The Apache 
Software Foundation was listed in the original proposal and as we are 
doing the impl here hope I can list it again.  Can you let me know 
(asap) whether I can include the Apache Software Foundation as a supporter?

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