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From Wade Chandler <hwadechandler-apa...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Contributing to RI (SUN) and Apache...
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 14:35:16 GMT
--- "Geir Magnusson Jr." <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
> I don't believe so.
> As much as I hate/admire (Good Geir  / Evil Geir) what Sun is doing  
> here ("everyone works for us for free!"), it should have no effect on  
> anything you do at the ASF.
> You might want to run this past legal-discuss to be doubly sure, but I  
> don't expect any problems.

I don't see the "everyone works for us for free" part. All the SCA does is assign joint copyright
through agreement and signature versus relying only on a license for contribution and covers
their butt legally to use the sources someone else volunteers to add to one of their projects
without being bogged down by future claims. 

The sad reality is this should be the case when one commits something, but with the way legal
systems work sometimes not based on laws but opinions or feelings it can certainly feel necessary
to corporations to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is at an understanding. Anyways,
SCA is simply a signed statement of what it really means to put your code in someone else's


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