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From "Andrew C. Olvier" <acoli...@buni.org>
Subject Re: Representation advice for JSR 314
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 11:13:45 GMT
On Thu, 2007-09-06 at 00:30 -0500, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> Long live the revolution!  Down with the tyrants of opacity!

long live honesty.

> Of course the httpd project does use the donations of closed technologies
> when some vendor wants to offer useful data of some source code scanning
> mechanism they created, or similar.  We don't care how someone correctly
> identifies (and potentially patches) a bug, although nearly every such
> service has proven to be a 99.8% waste of time (with a few small nuggets
> of gold in them there turds).

You've disregarded around the "as an official representative of apache"

> In your example, we'd (httpd would) simply reject the offer and keep using
> the open copy of the framework.

And yet Apache projects have been the basis a number of JCP things, the
projects were JCPized, portions of the test kits were moved to closed
source with NDAs and licensed back to apache, and apache sends OFFICIAL
REPRESENTATIVES to work ON BEHALF OF APACHE to do the closed source
development for which the projects then COMPLY using the closed source
test compatibility kits CO-DEVELOPED BY APACHE with sun using a closed
process.  And you think that smells like open source and community huh
and have a problem with labeling said activities and the projects
involved as closed source?

...Of course in Europe they eat cheese that smells like feet.  Not sure
who the guy was who said "the juice from the teat of the big smelly
animal that poops where it eats has curled and become hard and now
smells like feet, let's eat it with the soured grape juice that makes us
dizzy!" but his ideas sure were popular.


> Ciao,
> Bill

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